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We know rolling out a new benefit can cause a commotion.
That’s why we streamlined our rollout and give you the tools you need.

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"Employees can go to Gradvisor’s website for customized advice on which direct-sold 529s might best suit their needs and how much to save per paycheck. They also can track their investments, adjust contributions and speak with a financial adviser for no additional charge"

-The Latest Corporate Benefit: The 529 Plan

The Wall Street Journal

Why companies love Gradvisor


Employer Dashboard

Get data driven answers to how engaged your employees are and how big of an impact the Gradvisor platform is having.


Turnkey Integration

Your hands-free rollout is quick and easy, allowing you to concentrate on your business.


Dedicated Account Manager

Each employer is assigned a single point-of-contact who knows your account inside and out.



Gradvisor acts as a fiduciary to all of your employees’ investments.*


No Auditing

College savings accounts are not subject to auditing or nondiscriminatory testing.


A Complete Solution

Gradvisor’s team handles everything from customer service to marketing and engagement

*Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

Powerful Data

With current college savings solutions, there is no way to measure the impact the program is having on your company. Gradvisor changes all that with our proprietary employer dashboard.

Reporting and analytics are built in to show you how your employees are doing in real time. Everything is streamlined so you have the information you need, when you need it.


Easy Upkeep

Once Gradvisor is up an running, there is virtually no ongoing maintenance. You can easily see your billing, employee roster, and active users inside of your employee dashboard.

As your organization grows, it’s simple to add or remove employees. You can choose to do so individually or simply upload a new spreadsheet. Your billing will automatically change.

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